Mississippi County Child Development Center

Mississippi County Child Development Center is an early intervention day
treatment clinic. We serve children with developmental disabilities,
developmental delays, and some medical conditions. We provide
evaluations for Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Developmental Therapy.

In order to be eligible for our program patients must be Medicaid A
recipients at the time of intake and for the duration of enrollment if they
qualify. See our program tab for our enrollment process.

MCCDC does also provide child care for anyone that would like to do
private pay. MCCDC also accepts state vouchers. We can assist you with
the voucher process as well if you are interested.
We have applications on site.

MCCDC’s goal is to turn no child away and assist our community to the
best of our abilities to provide all needed services to our children.

Hours of operation Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 5:00pm.

We provide transportation to all our patients in Mississippi County for
pickup and drop off.

Call 870-563-1331 to request services